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Access Bars™

with Nieke Oosterhout
Certified Access Bars™ practitioner

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How would it be if your deeper self could come to the surface, supporting you in your journey through life, open for love and space?

‘The Bars’ are 32 points on your head that, when touched gently, effortlessly and easily let go of everything that stops you from receiving. These points have the electromagnetic energy of all ideas, thoughts, beliefs, emotions and considerations you have stored in all your lives. This is a great chance for you to let go of everything and get back in to contact with your own energy and that of the world around you.

Sometimes you can feel there is a different energy – when you leave sad when you have just comforted a heartbroken friend, while you were feeling fine when you got there. Or how you can ride the wave of good energy of another, when you were a bit iffy before. Everything in this world is energy and this energy communicates with one another. A crux in life is to define if what you feel is yours, or if you have picked it up somewhere. And to be able to let it go if it doesn’t serve you anymore, even if this belief helped you before. A belief is nothing more then a series of thoughts that stem from how you feel about something.

How much in your life do you receive?

You can have everything you want, if you are willing to ‘receive’ more and ‘do’ less. Receiving Access Bars™ will give the chance to have much more of this in your life.

The benefits of receiving Access Bars™

  • Relief from stress. From burn-out to exam stress, this treatment will get you grounded and relaxed. How would you be if you were free from the judgement about yourself?
  • Change your ‘stuck’ patterns or behaviour. About work, relationships, addiction or self love. All patterns are connected to ideas you pick up from the world around you. How do you want your life to look like?
  • Get more focus and concentration, for instance because of ADHD, ADD and autism. Children experience great benefits too. What would it be like if you could create calm?
  • Find a new road in life. If want to make a change in your life and seek insight into where you want to go. What if today was the start of something new?

Last week, I had my first experience with Bars by Nieke. A warm welcome and explanation of Bars. I could lie down and completely relax in a nice room with a massage table. Candles and a lovely smell. I do not remember exactly how long the session lasted but Nieke took all te time to get to all the items on my head, feet and hands. A very special experience that I would give anyone. And I would also like to learn myself in the future. A great gift for yourself and others.


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Individual session
60 minutes € 69
5 sessions for € 399
30 minutes for children € 49

*Sessions are tax deductible as coaching for business owners


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